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Posted on: May 19, 2010 9:53 am
    Its funny to read articles about who to blame for the Magic loss.  Howard cries too much,  Rashaad Lewis is a no show,  Carter missing free throws etc etc etc.  How about blaming the Celtics swarming D, there ability to keep their cool when the going gets tough, COACHING!!  This team is still not getting the respect they deserve.  They won the title 2 years ago!! With the same core.  Took the Magic to game 7 in the Semi's last year without Garnett. 
    They may have had a so called down year, but they were hurt.  This team wasn't assembled to win the regular season.  They were assembled to make a run deep into the playoffs.  The so-called experts picked the Heat series to go 7.  If not for a tremendous 4th quarter by Wade it would have been over in 4.  They outplayed the #1 seed in all but 5 quarters.  They are taking it to the #2 seed in their own building.
     Nobody blamed the Suns for losing game 1, they praised the Lakers.  I think its time the Celtics get there praise.  Defense, Defense Defense. Plus 4 offensive weapons.  Garnett is shutting down Lewis,  and Vince Carter cannot play defense.  They got 30 from Howard and still lost.  They have no answer and Van Gundy is going to take the fall for it.  When the Blame should be on Doc and the Old C's for just being a better TEAM.   
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